I was very overwhelmed at the time I first started working with you. I had just made the decision to hire a business coach—an expense that was difficult to justify given my financial picture at that time. I was floundering trying to determine how to proceed, and you provided the space for me to air my frustrations and concerns, and to help me discern how I wanted and needed to proceed. You helped me develop the confidence I needed to proceed, which I really needed to do, with business coaching, in spite of the added financial stress. Thanks, Linde!

Tracy W.

Certified Nurse Coach/Massage Therapist

I really liked being able to open up so freely. You are very easy to talk with and I feel you understood why I had been going back and forth about my decision. Your sense of humor really helped put me at ease and also helped me put things in perspective. You helped me become surer of what would be best for me, rather than what would be more convenient for my family. I would recommend your coaching to anyone who is struggling with indecision and needs to discuss the reasons or issues that need to be resolved. It helps to be reminded to really thoroughly look at the pros and cons, to decide what is best for oneself, rather than making decisions that would make things easier for others. You helped me feel so much more at ease about communicating my concerns and my wishes to my family. Thank you!

Nancy K.

Retired Mental Health Professional

When I first started with you, there were a lot of mixed emotions and stressful thoughts about my current work role. My job had been and continues to be very stressful and demands a lot of my time. I will usually push to the side anything that directly impacts me negatively and get to those things when I get to them. I am always taking care of others before myself and you helped me to see this differently and to prioritize myself more You are very compassionate and empathetic, but also got right to the point, which you gently did without me realizing it until afterward, which really set me up for success to not sweat the small stuff, and to breathe through the tough things.

Thank you so much, Linde!

Monica B.

Certified Nurse Coach

This has been a year of profound grief, loss and change for me. Our coaching sessions have opened up a new opportunity for growth and healing. I was immediately drawn in by your professional and compassionate demeanor. Your capacity for listening and truly hearing my experiences was truly appreciated. I felt a healing occur from the beginning of our sessions. I appreciated the length and comprehensiveness of each session and loved how you allowed time at the start of each new session to review our last session and to provide me with accompanying goals and strategies. I was able to identify thoughts and feelings that I had hidden under the surface, and I feel like I now have an improved understanding of the grief process, and am feeling confident that I will heal and grow. I also learned that my feelings and grief experience are unique and that I should be gentle with myself during this process. I would recommend your coaching to everyone, especially those in transition or experiencing any kind of grief or loss.

Laura M.H.

Health and Science Educator

Our coaching sessions helped me think more deeply about my passion for working with others one on one to make positive changes in their lives and what this may look like for my future. You asked me some powerful questions and guided me toward looking a bit deeper into starting my own business. I started to look forward to our sessions as a place that I could just talk out loud about ideas and possibilities. You gave me that little push I needed to dive in and explore what the future could look like for me. You helped me realize that I did not want to lose focus of my goals and dreams, and gave me so many great resources and things to research and ponder in between sessions. I felt the excitement continue to grow as we worked together. I discovered that I was gaining self-confidence and didn't care so much about failing or what others thought. I was learning to find balance in my life and to trust the process. I believe that you were placed exactly at the perfect moment in time in my journey! I will be forever grateful for our time together as I’m not sure I would have pushed myself in the direction of pursing my own practice if it weren’t for our insightful coaching sessions! Thank you, Linde!

Jolene K.

Certified Nurse Coach

Our sessions together were such a valuable time for me to reflect, review, and look at changes I needed to make. First and foremost, I have learned that is ever so much more important to take care of myself so that I can truly be the best I can be both for myself and for others. I have learned that being able to rest and reflect gives me more energy and allows me to respond to issues and conflicts in more positive, intelligent and thoughtful ways, rather than just being reactionary, as that just usually ends up negatively impacting me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I am calmer, more focused, more peaceful and not feeling guilty, like I would have before, about taking care of me. During the sessions, you provided a sense of balance, inner peace, time out, and clear thoughts. But you also provided positive, thoughtful and focused plans of action, along with tools, resources and “tips” to achieve the goals we discussed. You have wonderful insight and offer kind and honest support, with time to review. You empowered me to put the needed steps into action and develop the commitment and confidence to continue on my own, and I know you would do this for others as well. You thoughtfully create a safe, caring, honest space for expression and progression. Thank you so much! Diane R. Disabled Youth Home Companion

What I liked most about working with you was feeling that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. Through the use of

multiple mindful and meditative techniques such as deep breathing and meditation scripts (your own) that came

from the heart, you gave me the confirmation I needed to get through some issues I was dealing with, such as

feelings of guilt, low-self worth, depression, anxiety, etc. You provided me with connection, comfort, and deep

listening, but also continued to dig deeper by asking questions that provoked me to think about things in a more

positive light, which is exactly what I needed at the time. Because of your broad nursing background, extensive

knowledge on human compassion, relationships, grief and loss, as well as mental and emotional issues, and

overall health and wellness, you were always able to provide me with profound insight about any issues I was

struggling with and helped me to step back when I needed to, and see the “bigger picture." Thank you, Linde. You

are amazing!

Alana F.

RN/Nurse Coach